I remember the days when Wikipedia was not to be trusted and was considered inevitably inaccurate due to its user generated content. Times have changed; due to monitoring and editing Wikipedia is a go to source for millions of people around the world.

Searching Wikipedia is an immediate response to answering just about any question. The phrase ‘Wikipedia it’ often is the resolution to arguments about obscure trivia in my family.

The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian word for fast or quick. I believe that wikis definitely live up to their name. The Social Media Bible says that,  because of how quickly it gets updated, Wikipedia is not only used as a reference but also as a news source. The author of the book, Lon Safko, also credits the site by saying, “Wikipedia was an invaluable resource for the aggregation of information in this book.”

Of course there are other forms of wikis besides Wikipedia but it’s my favorite. According to the Social Media Bible, corporations like Pixar use a private wiki to store company information and resources from management and training.

In the chance that a user vandalizes a wiki page, editors are able to reset the page back to its originally stored information – to get rid of unwanted editing. For these reasons most wikis require users to be registered before editing an article.

When The Social Media Bible was published in 2010 the site contained 15 million articles and visited by 59,123,362 people. I thought it would be interesting to look up Wikipedia on Wikipedia to get some more recent statistic regarding their size. Currently, Wikipedia has about 19 million articles and 365 million readers. The full Wikipedia article about Wikipedia (wrap your mind around that one): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia.

Companies should Wikipedia themselves (yes, I used Wikipedia as a verb). If nothing comes up on Wikipedia for your company, create a page. If there is already a wiki page for the company, make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

The use of wikis is yet another building block to creating a companies social media presence or Google juice.