Got iTunes?

iTunes is an audio sharing behemoth. A recent TechCrunch article says there are approximately 225 million iTunes accounts already armed with users’ credit card numbers ready to buy. Read the full article with more Apple statistics, ‘The Best Overlooked Numbers and Subtle Features from WWDC 2011,’

I should say iTunes is the ultimate sharing behemoth because it is not limited to music and podcasts. They have a library of books (and audio books), a staggering variety of apps, TV shows, movies, podcasts, videos and even college classes. Now that is what I call a one stop shop.

Clearly there is a marketing opportunity within the smorgasbord of opportunities that iTunes presents. For this blog post I will limit the commentary to discussing sharing audio podcasts. Another good place for podcasters to start is at is Podbean (

Of course the philosophy of integrating podcasting into a company would be different for each company depending on what they sell.

A hypothetical business I could see benefitting from podcasting would be a concert venue. After concerts at the venue they could podcast an interview with the band, concert reviews and audio clips from the show. This sort of marketing would set a venue apart from their competition by giving their concert patrons a little something extra.

Put podcasting in your arsenal of social media marketing tools. It is yet another way to build your or your company’s Google Juice. You want to saturate the market with accurate messages that support your brand.