Got YouTube?

Baseball was the American pastime – now I would go as far to say as YouTube is the new American pastime. I’m sure baseball fans would exile me for such blasphemous remarks but YouTube’s numbers speak for themselves.

In the spirit of this chapter I decided to dig of some of my favorite YouTube videos that are just great. They are worth it trust me: “Weather Man Anxiety Fail Full Version,” (Oh boy), “Alexander Marcus – Hawaii Toast Song,” (this video has almost 4 million views – pure genius).

Businesses should build their social media portfolio by taking advantage of YouTube’s popularity and start making videos. Companies should analyze what audience they want to communicate with, and then evaluate what kind of videos would attract this market. Remember that it’s all about building up your companies Google Juice and getting you message to your audience.

Imagine the costs companies  would pay for a traditional television commercial spot that would viewed by millions. Nine million is the rumored amount Chrysler spent on their 2011 Super bowl ad featuring Eminem, Yes, they paid the 9 million for the record breaking 2 minute ad spot but the true return of investment was the over 12 million views on the commercial’s YouTube video after only 5 months. Was their investment worth it? I think yes. When you are a powerhouse company like Chrysler and have that kind of money to spend on advertising you might as well get your money’s worth.

For smaller companies it isn’t necessary to spend that kind of money. Start out small with creative YouTube videos and see where it takes you. Drive traffic to your company’s YouTube channel by promoting it on you other social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Google+, podcasts, everywhere you have Google Juice.

Make sure to use tags that your customers would use to search for on Google or YouTube – this will improve you return of investment.