Search Engine Marketing or SEM is less of a fiscal risk for companies compared to traditional advertising and marketing. SEM is often associated with Pay-Per-Click advertising. This sort of advertising requires marketers to choose keywords or keyword phrases that best match what their consumer will search for.

It is essential that companies’ PR, marketing and ad team know their consumers. Companies should be able to put themselves in the shoes of their consumers. What keywords are prospective customers, in different stages of the buying cycle, searching for? Once those keywords are  determined it is time for your company to get started with SEM.

It is best for companies to start out small with SEM. Start a campaign with three or four keywords. The demand is often high for common keywords which drives up the Cost-Per-Click. A company is able to pick a monthly budget they are willing to spend on Cost-Per-Click advertising.

Cost-Per-Click advertising is less risky because you don’t always have to pay your top bid. For example, if someone picks your page over the competitor you don’t have to pay your full bid. Adbidder automatically adjusts your bid to remain above the next ad with the most minimal cost.

The Social Media Bible suggests downloading a keyword macro to determine the most important words on your page. Then using keyword finder to determine what other companies are willing to pay for the same keywords and decide your company’s SEM budget. Start out small with three or four words campaign and gradually increase for there.