“Where’s my phone? Will someone call my phone – I can’t find it?” This is a scenario that frequently happens to me.

Cell phones have become an essential accessory for every occasion. According to a video by Sybase, a SAP mobile intelligence company, 9 out of 10 of every American man, woman and child has a cell phone. Watch the full video at http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/mobile-statistics-2011-growth-of-mobile/.

Lost in a strange city? No worries, there is a GPS app for that. Locked your keys in your car? There’s an app for that too. Now you can do just about anything you could want on a smartphone. Cell phones are embedded in our lives – they have truly changed the way we communicate.

Everywhere you go people are on their cell phones, including me. Whether it is catching up with a friend, emailing a coworker or checking up on a social media site people do it on the go. According to The Social Media Bible, the most common use of mobile data service is for music.

Nokia has been developing a bendable phone called The Morph. It is mind blowing how quickly technology is advancing, check out the details about The Morph, http://research.nokia.com/morph.

Companies should utilize people’s obsessions with their phones. By SMS advertising companies are able to send coupons and sales directly to their consumer’s cell phones. I think it is essential from companies to give customers an incentive to subscribe to the SMS advertising.

Smartphones made the internet portable. Now where ever you go you can stay connected with a smartphone. Companies need to discover the most effective way to communicate with their customers through SMS messaging.  Try different strategies to determine what works best.