Really Simple Syndication or RSS has made it possible for anyone that publishes content on the internet to be syndicated. You may recognize the small orange icon with white radio broadcast waves on it. This icon has to power to syndicate your favorite blogs and news blogs to a reader or aggregator.

This technology allows people to compile new posts from all their favorite sites into a feed, rather than having to check numerous sites for updates.

RSS supports the idea that anyone can become a publisher. If you provide valuable content and give readers a strong sense of what is in it for them – they may decide to syndicate your content to their news feeder. I think of RSS as webpage bookmarks.

RSS reminds me of my favorite function on Twitter – retweeting. With the click of a button anyone is able to syndicate another person’s tweet to their followers.

I recently started a communications internship for a department within the university. One of my responsibilities is to communicate with students through their favorite channel – social media. The first time the Lincoln Journal Star and KETV, our primary local news channels, retweeted one of my articles on Twitter I was blown away. Now my tweet with an attached article was syndicated to the news source’s thousands of followers.

The power of syndication on the web accelerates civil journalism. You don’t have to work for a large news source to be heard anymore. If the content is fresh, informative and accurate anyone can create a following online due to RSS. allows for my blog to be syndicated, in case you are interested.